Natural Dye Notebook :: No. 17, Sycamore

Posted by Erin Howe on

Platanus occidentalis

There’s a monster of a sycamore tree near my creek, with roots the size of my arm sticking out of the creek bank and down into the water. How do I know those are the sycamore’s roots? They’ve got the same flaky patterned bark. That tree is set UP for water. It’s going to live forever. 

Which is lovely, because I discovered it makes some delightful colors in the dyepot. The leaves (above) give champagne to ginger-ale tones, and the bark:

Ballet pinks. 

A comparison makes me wish I had a whole stack of fabrics in these colors to play with:

But all in good time. For now, I see you, sycamore. Ballet pink and ginger ale.

Noted. I’ll be back. 

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