Natural Dye Notebook :: No. 33, Hickory

Posted by Erin Howe on

A pecan is a hickory, but not all hickories are pecans. One more tidbit of information removed from the infinitely large bag of things I don’t know and placed in the pouch of those I do. I always love that feeling. I’ll never even begin to empty out the “don’t know” bag, but the weight of the treasures in my “know” pouch gives me a greedy little thrill. 

Hickory gives me colors that are distinct from pecan. Pecan bark gave me golds, hickory pinks. 

But first, let’s talk about the leaves. 

Boiled leaves gave me browns:

But when unboiled, the color is much brighter:

And bark gives me the aforementioned pink:

Clearly not pecan, but its own thing altogether.

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