Do you sell plants?

One of the most persistent, most predictable questions I’ve heard since I began growing peonies is, do you sell plants? Oh, how I understand! Of course you want this magic in your garden. And it’s surprisingly hard to find retail peonies with any kind of selection. They're easy to grow, easy to love, and hard to find. So, do I sell plants?

Up till now, my answer has been no. It’s a big job setting up a cut flower farm, and I’ve been focused on that. But I do have the contacts, and the know-how, and I know where the people who want plants are (you’re right there, reading this). So I have begun filling my notebooks with plans for those long-awaited, much-requested plant sales.

Now, if you're interested in buying peony plants, would you help me to understand what you want?

In the box below, please let me know the answers to these three questions:

1) Are you interested in tried and true varieties (Festiva Maxima, Monsieur Jules Elie), unusual varieties (Green Halo, Pink Hawaiian Coral), or both?

2) What flower colors are you interested in growing?



Soft Pink






3) What peony forms do you love and not so much love?







Now, I realize that it's tempting to say you love them all, and you want one of each. But, practically, if you came to my peony sale and I had all of the above available, which ones would you be unable to leave without? That will help me know what to have available for you.

Thank you for your response! Be sure to keep your eye on the newsletter to keep updated on plant sales. The sign up form is on the main page.